The JCP Inclusion Annual Pledge

Signing the JCP Inclusion Annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Pledge is a commitment to completing three actions from the list below annually. JCP Inclusion’s Steering Committee will be checking in on signatory companies’ Leaders’ progress quarterly and at the Annual CEO Conference. Companies can have multiple Leaders and Change Agents sign the Pledge. Each team member may sign the Pledge individually using the pledge signature box found below the list of suggested activities on this page.

The following are meant to provide various ideas for discussion. It is important to ensure the leadership team and in particular, the CEO, confirms the approach prior to launching any of the following activities in your organization. 

Activities for Leaders


  1. Develop a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) statement.
  2. Affirm that DEI is a strategic priority and discuss DEI topics regularly in leadership meetings.
  3. Host a virtual DEI conversation.
  4. Conduct a staff survey that is DEI specific or add DEI questions to a pre-existing staff survey.
  5. Host a DEI training or workshop.
  6. Create a DEI Employee Resource Group, committee or working group to help implement initiatives.
  7. Create measurable DEI objectives.
  8. Find resources to diversify your recruitment pipelines during hiring processes.
  9. Create a 1-2 year DEI action plan.


  1. Allow employees to donate a portion of their paychecks to a charity.
  2. Arrange for a company volunteer day.

Customers & Clients:

  1. Examine your external-facing projects through a DEI lens.
  2. Survey your customers / clients to see what DEI initiatives resonate with them.

Business Partners & Service Providers:

Ask about their DEI policies prior to engaging/Consider including information gathering in the RFP process to determine commitment to DEI.

Activities for Change Agents & Leaders


  1. Pose critical questions about DEI to leaders in your workplace and community.
  2. Learn more about DEI and systemic injustices via multiple platforms. Examples include reading a book or article, listening to a podcast, watching a movie, etc.
  3. Take an implicit/ unconscious bias test and challenge your personal biases.
  4. Initiate a DEI conversation with someone you care about.
  5. Attend a DEI conversation, training, or workshop.
  6. Listen to the experiences and stories of others.
  7. Educate yourself on DEI related definitions and the changing demographic landscape.
  8. When you see discrimination, speak up. Have a zero-tolerance policy.
  9. Track the DEI activities you participate in and monitor personal progress.
  10. Serve as a positive influence on the next generation by being an advocate daily.
  11. Talk to your leadership team regarding starting a DEI initiative.
  12. Organize a volunteer day to engage with your local community.


I commit to furthering DEI at my organization by completing three actions from my list Annually.

Do you agree to take this pledge?